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Super 32
Greensboro, NC

October 23-24 2020

National Middle School  Duals

November 21-13 2020

Virginia Classic Duals
Va Beach, VA

December 11-13 2020

This is without a doubt the toughest individual Folkstyle wrestling tournament in the country.  I travel to this tournament every year usually in late October!  I travel with my club team but am more than happy to help any Team Wisconsin Members that attend this tournament!

The National Middle-school Duals is an event put on by Flo Wrestling.  It is the premier preseason dual meet tournament in the country.   Just a short drive to Toledo Ohio, this is the first Tournament in the 4 tournament Team Wisconsin  National Series.

 The VAC Holiday duals is our 2nd competition with Team Wisconsin. The holiday duals are tough and we bring an ES and MS team to this event!

NUWAY National Duals
Lexington, KY

January 8-10 2021

NUWAY National duals is a unique even in that it has a lot of age groupings for a dual tournament.  8U, 10u, 12u,15u all have divisions.  Team Wisconsin would like to bring 1 team for each each group to this event.  This early January event is always loaded with the best travel teams from across the South Eastern part of the United States!

McDonough Duals
Baltimore, MD

January 30-31 2021

Located in Baltimore, MD the McDonough Duals are an invite only dual meet format tournament.  Team Wisconsin will be embarking on the challenge this late January.  We will have a training camp opportunity for team members and non-team members alike to prepare for this tournament.  This is one of the toughest dual meet tournaments in the United States!  We will bring an ES and MS team to this event!

Dominate in the Dells
Wis Dells, WI

March 12-14 2021

Dominate in the Dells is a National Folkstyle tournament that is part of USAWrestling's Tour of America!  The best part about this tournament is the tough competition just weeks before youth state and post season nationals. This event is held in the beautiful Chula Vista Dome!  This is a great end of the Folkstyle season national test in an individual format.

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